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I have had a lot of fun learning about computers, html, and the Internet. Here are some of the many fun and helpful sites I have found- some of them are the ones I have used to create this page! Some are free, some shareware or commercial.

Computer Magazines On-Line Editions Check out the Freebies and Contests!

Virus Protection

Is unfortunatly essential. I use Norton Anti Virus, by Synmantec. It is easy, automatic, and customizable. There are free monthly updates available by modem or Internet. It is about 80-90% effective (meaning no one is perfect). It uses both a master list of known viruses, and monitors your system for virus-like activity. It will give you notification, options, and keep logs. I find it easy to use.

There are many other programs, but I have not tried them so cannot rate them. Others can be found by doing a search for "Antivirus".


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