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The Kids Want WHAT???!

David Gibbs, a lawyer and the Director of the Christian Law Association, says parents should never even use the word "punish", because "punish" legally means "to put an end to". We don't want to put an end to our children! We do want to "discipline", which means "train" and can include corporal chastisement as part of a system.

I Can't Afford Medical Care

Think again! There is a little known program named "The Hill Burton Act", which mandates that hospitals and medical institutions that have borrowed funds, received grants or other aid from Uncle Sam, must offer free/inexpensive health care to people that don't qualify for medicaid or have other group coverage. Call 800-638-0742 for information on participating sites. This is not welfare and we paid for this program with our tax dollars. Go in to the business office of the nearest participating hospital and ask to apply for the Hill-Burton program. If you do qualify you get a card, which you show any time you or your family need to go in. Services are either free or sliding-scale, and the program is intended for where at least one person in the family is employed.

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