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Welcome to the Hocraffer Homepage! We are located in the far western elbow of Illinois, about 40 miles from Iowa or 60 from Missouri. Hubby's family has lived in this general area for over 100 years. Wifie comes from Michigan, though we have family scattered all over. Our home is in none of these places- we are Christians and our home is in Heaven. We are Independent Baptists and there is a link to our Church page if you are interested. We'd love to have you come to church with us!

We are also homeschoolers, and collected so much information that we now have three sections (Charlotte Mason, general useful links, and books) for that area! Rather than try to write out a single long essay of our interests and activities, here is a set of links to categories. Most sections will tell you more about us- and we will be adding some photos sooner or later. Most pages are WAI compliant.

Now sit and visit a spell! Help yourself to the goodies while you read! The most recent updates in the sections are June 11, 1998.


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