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This page contains links to sites with information for medical conditions that have affected our friends and family. For the sake of their privacy I will not identify those whose need has caused us to find these sites. But if you are seeking help with any of these situations, perhaps you can find some information here. Our prayers will be with you who have joined the fellowship of suffering. This is a club no one wants to join. But trust God, who has promised in Romans 8:28
"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose."
This is a precious promise to those who have trusted Christ as Savior, that God is using even the hard things in life to shape us into what we need to become. After all, it takes diamond grit to polish a diamond. May we shine for Him!

Miscellaneous Links

If you are looking for learning disability information, try
HERE. Autism sites have also been moved to this page.

Diabetes Information

Ancedotal from a family member: When I brought home my first meter a few months ago, I decided to have the whole family "test" for practice. 13 year old son stuck himself cheerfully (He offered to stick everyone. Somehow we doubted his altruism). Then it was hubby's turn. It took him 2 hours of sitting there staring at the penlet before he could work up enough courage to click his finger! He was almost crying! When he did it he said in amazement "It hardly hurt at all!".


I strongly recommend reading the book "Walking Through the Fire", by Laurel Lee. This 1970's book by a Hodgkins survivor should be considered a primer on what cancer patients, and their families, go through.

General References

I Can't Afford Medical Care

Think again! There is a little known program named "The Hill Burton Act", which mandates that hospitals and medical institutions that have borrowed funds, received grants or other aid from Uncle Sam, must offer free/inexpensive health care to employed people that don't qualify for medicaid or have other group coverage. Call 800-638-0742 for information on participating sites. This is not welfare and we paid for this program with our tax dollars. Go in to the business office of the nearest participating hospital and ask to apply for the Hill-Burton program. If you do qualify you get a card, which you show any time you or your family need to go in. Services are either free or sliding-scale, and the program is intended for where at least one person in the family is employed.

I Don't Want My Child Vaccinated

Yes, you can avoid it - if you have medical or religious objections. You must document your objections with a notarized statement for each shot, for each child. Copies should be kept on file in your child's school records (Public, Private, or homeschool), at your Doctor's office, at the Emergency Rooms of the nearest hospitals, and given to each coach or with camp registrations. It's a good idea to keep a copy of each in your purse or Day Runner, in case of emergencies. This is a Federal Exemption, though most States also have similar laws. More details and some discussion of how this applies to home education in Illinois may be found HERE.

Here are some more sites with information worth considering about vacinations. You might also wish to search the the National Health Organization (Bethesda, MD) and World Health Organization sites (Atlanta GE).

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