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Welcome to the new Bogue & Hocraffer Genealogy page! We are located in the far western elbow of Illinois, about 40 miles from Iowa or 60 from Missouri. Hubby's family has lived in this general area for over 100 years. Wifie comes from Michigan, though we have family scattered all over. Our home is in none of these places- we are Christians and our home is in Heaven. Now sit and visit a spell! We love company!



can be a lot of fun! Mom (me) has taken classes in online researching through the
Virtual University.
I am listing some other helpful sites at the bottom of this page.

I am turning my attention to searching:

    1.) the Prosser Family, in Wales;

    2.) Belyou/Bellew in Ireland. I have pretty good information on the family in Michigan, and am following my Grandmother's notes back to Ireland. A friend recently sent me this link: Clan Bellew. I am following up on contacts found here, which lead back to the name "Bilyeu" in France. Other variations of the spelling are also valid.

    2.) the Bogue, Harris, and Roebuck links in South Carolina, Missouri, and Kansas. Particular information is requested about: Nanchi Roebuck, who married William Harris in or near Missouri around 1840.

    Our Bogue files are kept in Family Tree Maker. However, I won't be posting them in toto because much of the information I have is sketchy, undocumented, or private. I have about 5,000 names in the FTM files, but many are inlaws.

    3.) John Hocraffer who, according to a letter we have from an Uncle, was born in Hanover Germany in 1840 and came to America in about 1858. He landed in New York where he worked for about a year, then went to a German settlement in Pensylvania where he worked about a year.Then he went to Wayland, Missouri where he homesteaded. He married Fanny Hisel about 1860. They had 4 sons and two daughters. Descendants are known to be living in Missouri, Iowa, and Illinois. After her death (date and place unknown) he married ??? Carter. That marriage resulted in one son and 2 daughters, but no living descendants of those children are known. I am handicapped in this search by the 75-year privacy laws, so would like links to German sources to trace backwards if possible.

    4.) Gorslines, Wrights, and Leflers are related to Hocraffers in Illinois. I am told a Lefler cousin has compiled a Lefler tree. I will be trying to obtain a copy.

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