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 Philippians 4:8 "Finally, brethern, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things."

 Here are a few more lists for your consideration. They came from assorted email friends, and are not in any order. While I look through them for good ones we may have missed, perhaps you would like to, too?

 First is what I am told is the Robinson collection, on the CDROMs. All of these are out of print and/or out of copyright. That does not make them out-of-date! The Science texts are classics, still being used. You may wish to look for online classes using them.


The approximate Robinson Curriculum List

All of these books are either public domain, or the copyrights have been purchased by Mr. Robinson. Complete information on the Robinson disks may be requested from King's Harvest catalog.


The Bible for young people - Josephine Pollard
Boy Knight: a tale of the crusades - Henty
The Pied Piper - Robert Browning
The Life of Lafayette - H. C. WAtson
The Hound of the Baskervilles - Arthur Conan Doyle
Picturesque America vol. 1 and 2 - William Cullen Bryant (these are huge volumes, lots of pictures
The Pathfinder - James Fenimore Cooper
The Prince and the Pauper - Samuel Clemens
Robinson Crusoe - Daniel Defoe
The Law - Frederic Bastiat
The autobiography of Benjamin Franklin - B. Franklin
The Vicar of WAkefield - Oliver Goldsmith
Economic Sophisms - Frederic Bastiat
The Friendly ARctic - Vilhjalmur Stefansson
The Holy War - John Bunyan
The Soldier in our Cival War Vol 1 and 2 - Frank Leslie
The Life of Stonewall Jackson - R. L. Dabney
The mysterious Island - Jules Verne
The White company - ARthur Conan Doyle
Environmental Overkill - D. L. Ray and L. Guzzo
The heart of the Antarctic vol 1 and 2 - E. H. Shackleton
Cicero's Orations - Cicero
The Federalist Papers - Alexander Hamilton
Of the Motion of the Heart and Blood in Animals - William Harvey
The Enterprising Americans - JOhn Chamberlain
The war between the states - Alexander Stephens
A Tale of Two cities - Charles Dickens
The Health Hazards of NOT going nuclear - Peter Beckmann
Rise and fall of the confederate government 1 and 2 - Jefferson Davis
Caesars Gallic War - Julius Caesar
The World in Crisis - Winston Churchill
Fifty Years in the Royal Navy by Admiral Sir Percy Scott
King Henry V - Shakespear
Two Years before the mast - R. H. Dana
Common Sense and the exact sciences - Clifford
The Prince - Machiavelli
Hamlet, Prince of Denmark - Shakespeare
The Ultimate REsource II - Simon
Access to Energy - Robinson
An Essay concerning Human understanding 1 and 2 - John Locke
Observations on Daniel and St. John -Isaac Newton

 (the science texts:)

 The Mechanical Universe (this is a classic, still current, and a video course is available)
Beyond the Mechanical Universe
Answers to Beyond the Mechanical Universe
Supplementary Physics Problems
Statistical Mechanics
Chemical Principles (another classic, still current)
Nuclear War Survival Skills

 (I'm not going to print out each of the series/light reading books, but they are all considered classics)
7 Dottie Dimple/little Prudy books
11 Ruth Fielding books
11 Bobbsey twins books
4 (more) Tom Swift books
22 Horatio Alger books
The Tale of Reddy Woodpecker-A. S. Bailey
The tale of chirpy cricket - Bailey
The tale of Old Dog Spot - Bailey
4 Elsie Dinsmore books - Finley
The Border boys in the canadian rockies
The Border boys across the frontier
Dick Hamilton's Fortune - Garis
Dick Hamilton's Cadet days "
>From Office boy to reporter "
Harry WAtson't HIgh School Days - Webster
The Boy Pilot of the lakes - Webster
4 pony rider books-Patchin
3 more rover boys books
The Haunted Mine
2 Wonder Island boys books

Faye's list

I HIGHLY recommend the Parables for Kids series by Glen Keane (about King Aren (Jesus) and Adam Racoon (any believer) for young kids Preschool to Gr 4. REALLY worth it.
+*Trailblazer Books - stories about kids that are Christian that meet noteworthy Christian leaders like Martin Luther... the stories
Today's Heroes Series - biographies of Christian leaders like Billy Graham
*Encyclopedia Brown Series by Donald Sobol - boy solves mysteries a sherlock holmes type... you figure out the solution
The Happy Hollisters - mystery series
The Bobsey Twins - mystery series (go for the early ones)
*The Landmark series
*Little Britches and others in the series by Ralph Moody. (Boy's Little House)
*Little House on the Prairie (all offshoots, such as Little House on Rocky Ridge)
Indian in the Cupboard Banks.
biographies written in, I think, the 40s and 50s by Opal Wheeler
Henry Reed
Lee Roddy
Frank Peretti's kids's books..
Cooper Family series
The Childhood of Famous Americans is also a really good biography series

 Read Aloud Books

+*Winnie the Pooh (and all the others)
+*Charlotte's Web
*The Little Princess by Burnett;
*The Indian in the Cupboard, by Banks
Red Sails to Capri by Weil The mountainous island of Capri has a mystery and it takes Michele, and three foreigners to solve it: 4-A


 Surprises Hopkins.. Thirty-eight poems that are sure to please. R: 2-3
*Child's Garden of Verses Unabridged version of Stevenson's classic.
+Poetry by Shel Silverstein


 +Daddy Fixed the Vacuum Cleaner by Robert Scotellaro, a very easy short book in rhyme concluding with "Daddy fixed the vacuum cleaner, the thing would hardly suck, but maybe Dad should not have used the engine from his truck" I find this book such a scream!
Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle by McDonald. Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle knows how to cure children of just about everything: selfishness, talking back, and never wanting to go to bed! Whimsical story of a delightful old woman and the children R: 3-6
Amelia Bedelia by Parish R: 3-6
+*Robert Munsch. Snowsuit (can't remember what it is called, ) and the one about the markers (don't know it either)
*Hill of Fire by Lewis. Exciting, true story of a volcano that erupted in a Mexican farmer's field. Easy to read. R: 2-4
*Pompeii: Buried Alive by Kunhardt. Famous volcanic explosion "freezes" an ancient Greek city in volcanic ash. Full color. Easy to read. R: 2-4
*Titanic: Lost and Found by Donnelly. Easy to read. R: 2-4
*To the Top! Kramer. The thrilling story of Hillary and Tenzing's first successful climb to the top of Mt. Everest. R: 3-4
*Mustang: Wild Spirit of the West Henry. True story of "Wild Horse Annie" who fought to protect the wild mustangs
Shoeshine Girl Bulla. Sarah becomes less self-centered and more self-reliant after a summer job at her aunt's. A satisfying story of character development
*The Whipping Boy Fleischman. A prince who has to learn the hard way what makes for true character. He'd never known, since his "whipping boy" had taken all the punishment for him. Delightfully thought-provoking.
Wagon Wheels by Brenner. A black family moves west after being freed in the Civil War. Full of love, courage and drama. Easy to read. R: 2-4
The Big Balloon Race by Coerr. A suspense-filled, true story of a small girl who helps her mother fly in a hot air balloon race in the 1880s. Easy to read. R: 2-4
Daniel's Duck Bulla. Daniel enters his carved duck in the county fair. He is hurt when people laugh at it, not realizing they are laughing in delight. Heartwarming story of growing up. R: 2-4
White Stallion of Lipizza Henry. Award-winning author tells the story of a young boy and his rigorous apprenticeship and training at Vienna's Spanish Court Riding school, home of the famous Lipizzan stallions. R: 3-7 the Great Sharmat. Great adventure of a boy detective and his dog. ; R: 2-4
The Fire Cat, by Averill. A bad, bored cat finds that serving others is more fun than hurting them. R: 2-3
*Greg's Microscope Selsam. An accurate, entertaining look at the wonders of nature as seen through a microscope. . . . For beginning readers. R: 2-4
Henry & Ribsy #2X01 $4.50 Cleary. Beloved adventures of an all-American average boy and his dog. Set about 1950. L Pb, illus, 196 pp. RA: 1-A; R: 3-6
*Betsy & Tacy Go Over the Big Hill Lovelace. Set in early 20th Century Minnesota, and written in the early '40s, this is a story about three girls who discover that "different culture" doesn't mean stupid or evil. At the same time, they come to appreciate their unique American heritage all the more; R: 3-6

Next level

 *Chitty Chitty Bang Bang by Fleming. An imaginative story about a car with a mind of her own who determines to show her new owners gratitude for saving her from the scrap heap only to get them embroiled in a case involving Europe's most notorious gangster. Fun! R: 4-8
*The Apprentice by Llorente. A boy's desire to become a mater painter triumphs in the face of overwhelming odds. Set in Renaissance Florence, Italy. Wonderful historical detail and character development R: 4+
*Trial by Poison Jackson. A first-person fictional introduction to Mary Slessor, a pioneering, nineteenth-century, Scottish Christian ambassador to the tribal peoples of what is today Nigeria. Written from the perspective of a young girl. R: 3-6
The Secret Valley Bulla. The Davis family hears there is gold in California. This is the story of their difficult trek to California and how they found a different kind of gold than what they'd expected. Well-told by a master story-teller. R: 3-5
*Five Little Peppers and How They Grew Sidney. Since their father died, the five Pepper children and their mother have been living in poverty, but through bad times and good, the Pepper house rings with laughter and hope. A perennial favorite for more than 100 years. Delightful! R: 3-7
*Misty of Chincoteague Henry. Newbery Honor. Fictional account of a true story about an "uncatchable" mare named Phantom and her colt, Misty. Engaging. R: 3-8
The Ordinary Princess Kaye. A perfectly delightful, perfectly predictable tale about an ordinary princess that no prince will marry. But she is happy just the same as she runs off to the forest to find an adventure all her own. R 3A
*More Stories from Grandma's Attic Richardson. 16 stories of a childhood in midwest North America 80 years ago R: 3-7
*A Question of Yams #2X11 $6.49 Repp. Kuri's father plants their yams in the name of Jesus Christ, though the Head Men of their village insist that they should be planted with reverence for the spirits. Will Kuri's family be punished? Is Jesus stronger than the spirits? Great story from Papua New Guinea.
The Cricket in Times Square Selden. a cricket moves into a Newspaper Stand in New York City. His escapades at first threaten to ruin the stand, but lead, ultimately, to the stand's greatest success. Fun! R: 3-A
Old Ramon Schaefer. An old sheepherder, teaches the son of his patron about friendship and loss, bravery and cool-headed wisdom as the two care for a herd through a sandstorm in the Mojave desert. A classics that bears repeated reading.
*Little Pear by Lattimore. The only boy in a Chinese family, Little Pear has greater latitude for mischief than others. A delightful glimpse of life in China at the turn of the century: Reading Level: gr 3-6
The Strawberry Girl by Lenski. A proud, poor family who overcome nature and feuding neighbors to become strawberry farmers. Set in the early 1930s and told from the perspective of the daughter R: 4-8
Carry on Mr Boditch
*The Secred Garden , Burnett
The Little while Horse, Gouge
Linnets and Valerians, Gouge
Mandy, Julia Edwards
Under the Lilacs, Elizabeth May Alcott
*Little Women, Louisa May Alcott
Eight Cousins, L,M ALcott
*Anee of Green Gables, Montgomery
*Anne of Avonlea, Montgomery
*Freckles, Gene Porter
A lantern in Her Hand, Bess Aldrich
A Girl of the Limberlost, Gene Porter
National Velvet, Enid Bagnold
Oulaws of Ravenjurst, Sister M Imelda Wallace
The Wouldbegoods, E Nesbit
Knights of the Round Table, Howard Byle
The Scottic Chiefs, Jane Porter
Adam of the Road, Elizabeth Janet Grey
The Trumpeter of Krakow, Eric Kelly
Hans Brinker, Mary Dodge
Gone with the Wind, Margaret Mitchell
The Wind in the Willows, Grahame
The Light Princess, George Mc Donald
The Golden Key, George Mc Donald
The Wood Beyond the World, William Morris
The Scarlet Pimpernel, Baroness Orczy
Andre Norton's books: Mirror of Destiny, Dread Companion, Ordeal in Otherwhere, Secret of the Lost Race, Brother to Sadows, Dare to Go a Hunting, Key out of time
Journey to the Centre of the earth, Jules Verne
Around the world in 80 days, Jules Verne
The Time Machine, HG Wells
Black Beauty, Anna Sewell
White Fang, Jack London
The Call of the Wild
Thunderhead, Mary O'Hara
My Friend Flicka, Mary O'Hara
The Great Escape, Paul Brickhill
Captains Courageous, Rudyard Kipling
Frontiers II, Issac Asimov
Ancient Myths and Legends, Lewis Spence
The Odyssey, Homer
Arabian Nights

Here is a list of books that readers of _The Parent's Review_ thought were "Living Books".

The Parents Review Magazine Fall Issue Volume 5, 1995 "What is a Living Book?"
Back issues of the Parents Review may be ordered from Dean and Karen Andreola

Aesop's Fables
A Christmas Carol
A Day with Josephine and her friends
Adventures in the Big Thicket
Adventures of Tom Sawyer
A child's history of the World by Hillyer
All of a Kind Family and sequels
All on a Mountain Day
Amelia Bedelia
Amos Fortune, Free Man
A New Coat for Anna
Bambi and Bambi's Children
Bears On Hemlock Mountain
Becky' Birthday by Tasha Tudor
Betsy Tacey Series
The Black Arrow
Blind Men and the Elephant
Blueberries for Sal
Blue Castle
Blue Fairy Book
Bold Journey
Bread and Butter Journey
Bread and Jam for Francis
Bronze Bow
Buffalo Knife
Caddie Woodlawn
Claico Captive
Charlotte's Web
Chestry Oak, the
Carry On Mr. Bowditch
Cat Who Went to Heaven
Chronicles of Narnia
Classic Myths to Read Aloud
Courage of Sarah Noble
Cricket in Time's Square
Door In the Wall
Every Living Thing
Five Little Peppers
Five O'clock Charlie
Ginger Pye
Gentle Ben
Gona Away Lake, and Return to Gone Away Lake
Golden Book of Science
Goodnight Moon
Happy Prince and Other Fairy tales
Heidi, and Heidi's children
Henry and the Paper Route by Cleary
The Hobbit
Homer Rice
House at Pooh Corner
House of Sixty Fathers
Incredible Journey
Indian in the Cupbard
invisible Man
Island of the Blue Dolphins
Johnny Tremain
Johnny Appleseed
Josephina Story Quilt
Journey to the Centre of the Earth
Justin Morgan Had a Horse
Just So Stories
Lassie Come Home
Little Britches
Little House on the Prairie Series
Little Pear
Little Princess
Little Women and Good Wives (Alcott)
Make way for Ducklings
Magical Melons
Martin the Cobbler
Merry Adventures of Robin Hood
Miss Hickory
Misty of Chincoteague
Moffats, the and the Middle Moffats
Mother West Wind's Children
Mozart Season, the
My Side of the Mountain
One Morning in Maine
On To Oregon
Otis Spofford
Owl at Home
Ox Cart Man
Paddle to the Sea by Holling
Pied Piper of Hamlin
Pilgrim's Progress
Quilt Story
Sarah, Plain and Tall
Sea Star
Scottish Chiefs
Sign of the Beaver
Stone Soup
Stormy, Misty's Foal
Stuart Little
Tales of Peter Rabbit and His Friends
Tale of Three Trees
365 Children's Prayers
Tom's Midnight Garden
Turn Homeward Hannalee
Twenty-one Balloons, the
Velveteen Rabbit
Wagon Wheels
Wathc the Stars Come Out
Wheel on the School
When I was young in the mountains
Where the Red Fern Grows
Why Christmas Trees aren't Perfect
Winnie the Pooh
Witch of Blackbird Pond (has NOTHING to do with witches)
Young Flu and the Upper Yangtze

The Michigan Notable Book List

(award-winning books set in MI, or written by MI authors)

by Robert Travers, Fiction 1958 A gripping novel about a murder trial that also serves as a primer on the practice of law.
By Marge Piercy, Fiction, 1982 Set in Detroit, Ann Arbor, and New York City, this feminist novel traces the life of a woman writer.
By Marguerite DeAngeli, Children's Nonfiction, 1982 Michigan's most beloved children's author tells the story of her father's boyhood in MI in the 1870's.
by Kathleen Stocking, Nonfiction 1990 A collection of penetrating and at times lyrical essays about people and places in Leelanau Country.
By Isla Fuller, Ficiton 1990 This novel traces the life of an Ojibway woman on Mackinac Island and chronicles the slow decline of the Native American culture.
By Dirk Gringhis, Children's Nonfiction, 1970 short Algonquin Indian tales collected and retold by an award-winning Grand Rapids Children's author.
By Terry McMillan, Fiction,1987 A powerful, moving and honest story of a black woman's struggle to raise a family as a single parent.
By Bruce Catton, Nonfiction, 1976 The author's great narrative skill shines in this popular history of the Great Lakes states.
Federal Writer's Project, Nonfiction 1941 Part gazeteer, part history and part tour guide, this unique book captures depression era MI.
By Willis Dunbar, Nonfiction, 1965 This in-depth and authoritative text book is required reading in most college MI History courses.
By Ernest Hemingway, Fiction, 1965 Most of these short stories by a master of fiction are set in Northern MI just before and after WWI.
By Clancy Holling, Children's Nonfiction, 1941 A fascinating picture of Great Lakes shore life is seen in striking pictures depicting the travels of a toy canoe.
by Ben Hamper, Nonfiction, 1991 An irreverent, outrageously funny autobiography of a Flint "shop rat" and life in a factory town.
By T. Coraghessan Boyle, Fiction, 1993 An exuberant, hilarious satire that follows the strange career of Dr. John Harvey Kellogg of Battle Creek.
by Charles Baxter, Ficiton, 1993 An eloquent novel on the complexitiies of modern life as faced by an assistant city manager of a MI town.
By Bruce Catton, Nonfiction, 1972 A warm story of growing up in Benzonia, MI.

by Kathleeen Stocking, Nonfiction, 1990 A richly detailed memoir of rural America firty years ago as lived out on a Dutch farm in western Michigan.
by Harriette Arnow, Fiction 1954 A proud Kentucky woman follows her husband to Detroit and assembly line work during WWII.
by Edmund Love, Nonfiction, 1965 A charming, humorous remembrance of growing up in small town America at the turn of the century..
by Robert Travers, Nonfiction, 1960 A joyous, glorious collection of stories about the mania and love for trout fishing set in the UP.

Books on Native Americans

Adams, Patricia. "Pocahontas: Indian Princess" Dell, 1987.
Andrews, Elaine. "Indians of the Plains" Facts on File, 1991.
Armstrong, Nancy. "Navajo Children" 1975.
Asch, Connie. "Indians of the Americas Coloring Book" Treasure Chest, 1987.
Bains, Rae. "Indians of the Eastern Woodlands" Troll Associates, 1987.
Bains, Rae. "Indians of the Plains" Troll Associates, 1985.
Bains, Rae. "Indians of the West" Troll Associates, 1985.
Baker, Betty. "Little Runner of the Longhouse" 1989.
Benchley, Nathaniel. "Red Fox and His Canoe" 1964.
Brandt, Keith. "Indian Festivals" Troll Associates, 1985.
Bulla, Clyde Robert. "John Billington, Friend of Squanto" TY Crowell, 1956.
Bulla, Clyde Robert. "Pocahontas and the Strangers" Scholastic, 1987.
Bulla, Clyde Robert. "Squanto, Friend of the Pilgrims" Scholastic, 1990.
Burnett, Millie. "Dance Down the Rain, Sing Up the Corn"
Chazanoff, Daniel. "Music of the Native North Americans for the Flute or Recorder"
"Children's Atlas of Native Americans" Rand McNally, 1992.
Cooper, James Fenimore. "The Deerslayer" Bantam, 1991.
Cooper, James Fenimore. "The Last of the Mohicans" Arimont, 1964.
Dalgliesh, Alice. "The Courage of Sarah Noble" Macmillan, 1987.
D'Aulaire, Ingri and Edgar P. "Pocahontas" Doubleday, 1985.
De Paola, Tomie. "The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush" Putnam Publishing Group, 1988.
Hofsinde, Robert. "Indian Costumes" Morrow Junior Books, 1968.
Holling, Holling C. "Paddle to the Sea" 1941.
Kindle, Patricia and Finney, Susan. "American Indians" Good Apple, 1985.
Lawson, Marie. "Pocahontas and Captain John Smith" Random House, 1950.
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth. "Hiawatha" Raintree Steck-Vaughn, 1984.
O'Dell, Scott. "Island of the Blue Dolphins" 1990.
O'Dell, Scott. "Streams to the River, River to the Sea: A Novel of Sacajawea." 1986.
Smith, A.G. and Hazen, Josie. "Cut and Make North American Indian Masks."
Spizzirri Publishing Company has several educational coloring books out on Native Americans (i.e. California Indians, Plains Indians, Southeast Indians, Southwest Indians). The are all published between 1985-1992.
Stein, R. Conrad. "The Story of the Trail of Tears" Childrens, 1985.
Stein, R. Conrad. "The Story of Wounded Knee" Children's, 1983.
Tunis, Edwin. "Indians" Crowell Junior Books, 1979.
Warne, Elizabeth. "I Can Read About Indians" Troll Associates, 1975.
> The Book of Indians--Holling C. Holling
> Indians of the Woodland--Beatrice Siegel
> Little Runner of the Longhouse--Baker
> Pocahontas--d'Aulaire
> Indian Two Feet books
> Plains Indians--Fiona MacDonald
> If You Lived with the Sioux Indians--McGovern
> Three Little Indians
> The Indian Book--Childcraft annual (1980?)

Mayflower, Pilgrims, and Colonials

"Of Plymouth Plantation" by William Bradford. reprinted by Knopf in 1976. "John Billington, Friend of Squanto" By Clyde Robert Bulla. T.Y. Crowell, 1956.
"Squanto, Friend of the Pilgrims" By Clyde Robert Bulla. T.Y. Crowell, 1954.
"Constance" by Patricia Clapp. Lothrup, 1968.
"Plimoth Plantation Then and Now" By Jean Poindexter Colby. Hastings House, 1970.
"The Thanksgiving Story" By Alice Dalgliesh. Scribner's, 1954.
"The Landing of the Pilgrims" by James Daugherty. Random House, 1950.
"Christmas on the Mayflower" by Wilma Pitchford Hays. Coward-McCann, 1956.
"The Heritage Sampler: A Book of Colonial Arts and Crafts" By Cheryl G. Hoople. The Dial Press, 1975.
"If You Sailed on the Mayflower in 1620." By Ann McGovern. Scholastic, Inc., 1969.
"Slumps, Grunts, and Snickerdoodles: What Colonial America Ate and Why" By Lila Perl. Seabury Press, 1975.
"Eating the Plates: A Pilgrim Book of Food and Manners" By Lucille Recht Penner. Macmillan, 1991.
"Sarah Morton's Day: A Day in the Life of a Pilgrim Girl." By Kate Waters. Scholastic, 1989.

 You might also like to view "Squanto, A Warrior's Tale" -- recently out on video by Disney. You do want to preview this film before showing it to very young children.


Andrews, John "A viking's Daughter" Doubleday, 1989.
Barton, Stephanie. "The Vikings" ladybird Books, 1986.
Clarke, Helen. "Vikings" Gloucester Press, 1979.
"Cultural Altas of the Viking World." Facts on File, 1994.
Donovan, Frank R. "The Vikings" American Heritage Publishing Co., 1964.
Ganeri, Anita. "Vikings" Gloucester Press, 1992.
Holl, Adelaide. "The Little Viking" Golden Press, 1975.
Humble, Richard. "The Age of Leif Eriksson." F. Watts, 1989.
Jensen, Malcolm C. "Leif Erikson, the Lucky" F. Watts, 1979.
LaFay, Howard. "The Vikings" National Geographic Society, 1972.
Martell, Hazel. "Everyday Life in Viking Times" F. Watter, 1994.
Martell, Hazel. "Food and Feasts with the Vikings" New Discovery Books, 1995.
Rich, Louise Dickinson. "The First Book of the Vikings" F. WAtts, 1962.
Richard, Terence. "The Vikings" Rourke Enterprises, 1987.
Tweddle, Dominic. "Growing Up in Viking Times" Troll Associates, 1993.

Deannes' list

which may be on a page of hers. If I find it I'll make a link.

Book List for Readalouds

 The A History of US Series by Joy Hakim
Volume One: The First Americans
*Volume Two: Making Thirteen Colonies
*Volume Three: From Colonies to Country
Volume Four: The New Nation
Volume Five: Liberty for All?
Volume Six: War, Terrible War
Volume Seven: Reconstruction and Reform
Volume Eight: An Age of Extremes
Volume Nine: War, Peace, and All That Jazz
Volume Ten: All the People

 *Can't You Make Them Behave, King George?
by Jean Fritz (This is a short biography of King George III.)
*Nathan Hale, Puritan Boy by Augusta Stevenson
(Childhood of Famous Americans): A biography about Nathan Hale, focusing on his childhood, but also highlighting the events in his adulthood that made him famous.
*George Washington, Young Leader by Augusta Stevenson (
Childhood of Famous Americans): A biography about George Washington, focusing on his childhood, but also highlighting important events in his adulthood.
*Yankee Doodle Dandies: Eight Generals of the American Revolution by Lee McGiffin:
Short biographies of Henry Lee, John Glover, Anthony Wayne
*My Brother Sam is Dead by Collier & Collier
*Sarah Bishop by Scott O'Dell
*Sam the Minuteman
by Nathaniel Benchley (historical fiction): A short book about what it might have been like to be a patriot soldier during the battles of Lexington and Concord.
*George the Drummer Boy
by Nathaniel Benchley (historical fiction): A short book about what it might have been like to be a British soldier during the battles of Lexington and Concord.
*A Patriot Lad of Old Cape Cod
by Russell Gordon Carter (historical fiction): This book, first published in 1954, takes place in Falmouth, Woods Hole, and Mashpee during the Revolutionary War.
*April Morning
by Howard Fast (historical fiction): The realistic story of a young man who fought in the battles of Lexington and Concord. (This is one the adult should definitely read first before deciding to read it to children.)
*Ben and Me: An Astonishing Life of Benjamin Franklin as Written by his Good Mouse Amos
by Robert Lawson (historical fiction): A humorous account of the later life of Benjamin Franklin.
*Ben Franklin, Young Printer
by Augusta Stevenson (Childhood of Famous Americans): A biography of Benjamin Franklin focusing on his childhood, but highlighting events from his adulthood also.
*The Many Lives of Benjamin Franklin
by Aliki: A short biography of Benjamin Franklin that focuses on many of the amazing things he did.
*A Book About Benjamin Franklin
by Ruth Belov Gross: A biography of Benjamin Franklin that gives a good overview of his entire life.
*George Washington's Socks
by Elvira Woodruff (historical fiction): This is a book about a group of children who travel back in time and become involved with George Washington's crossing of the Delaware and the Battle of Trenton. They learn first-hand of the hardships of the soldiers. (The children disobey their parents in order to go on the adventure and don't tell them about it when they get back.)
*The Story of Lafayette
by Hazel Wilson (Signature Book): This is a biography starting with the childhood of Lafayette and following his life through his involvement in the American Revolution.
*The Story of the Surrender at Yorktown
by Zachary Kent (Cornerstones of Freedom): This book focuses on the events leading up to the battle at Yorktown, as well as the specifics of the battle itself, the people involved, and its significance.
*John Paul Jones: Hero of the Seas
by Keith Brandt: A biography of John Paul Jones, that gives a short overview of his extraordinary life.
*A Boy Sailor with John Paul Jones
by H.C. Thomas: Historical fiction about the life of a boy who sailed with John Paul Jones.
*African Americans in the Thirteen Colonies
by Deborah Kent (Cornerstones of Freedom): A short book that focuses on African Americans during the colonial time period, but also gives some information on their contributions as soldiers and in other ways during the Revolutionary War.
*Brown Paper School US Kids History: Book of the American Revolution:
This book gives a brief overview of the American Revolution along with ideas for activities and games.
*Songs of America's Freedoms:
These are songs about the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and about many of the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution.
*Secret of the Andes
by Ann Nolan Clark: Historical fiction about the Incas.
Moon of Two Dark Horses
by Sally M. Keehn: This book is historical fiction about the Revolutionary War from the point of view of an American Indian boy.
Carry On, Mr. Bowditch
by Latham: A true story of the man who transformed navigation from "an art to a precise science."
The Captive
by Joyce Hansen: Historical fiction about a black prince who was captured by slavers in Africa.
Pathki Nana: Kootenai Girl Solves a Mystery
by Kenneth Thomasma: Historical fiction set in the Pacific Northwest in the 1780s.
If You Were There When They Signed the Constitution by Elizabeth Levy
Henry Clay, Mill Boy of the Slashes
by Helen Monsell (Childhood of Famous Americans): This is a short biography of Henry Clay which focuses on his childhood and what life was like during that time period. It also highlights events from his adulthood.
The Phantom Tollbooth
by Norton Juster. Funny fiction on the precise meaning of words.
Sing Down the Moon by Scott O'Dell
Diary of an Early American Boy: Noah Blake 1805
by Eric Sloane: A fictional account of a boy's life, which includes a study of early American craftsmanship, including details and sketches of tools, furniture, buildings, machines, etc.
The Adventures of Lewis and Clark
by Ormonde de Kay, Jr.: This is a short book about the adventures of Lewis and Clark, giving an overview of their famous expedition to the Pacific Ocean.
Bold Journey: West with Lewis and Clark
by Charles Bohner: Historical fiction written from the point of view of Private Hugh McNeal, who was a real person, although not much is known of his life.
Kids Discover Magazine: Lewis and Clark Edition:
This includes articles, maps, and illustrations of their famous journey, along with information and articles about some of the marvelous things they saw on the journey.
Sacagewea (Childhood of Famous Americans)
*Naya Nuki
by Thomasma: "The exciting and dramatic adventure of a real-life childhood friend of Sacajawea who, together with Sacajawea, was kidnapped by a rival tribe..."
Streams to the River, Streams to the Sea
by Scott O'Dell: "The story of the Lewis and Clark expedition from the perspective of Sacajawea, their Shoshoni guide."
Story of America: Great Explorers
by Joyce Grosseck and Elizabeth Attwood: This book tells the stories of many of the great explorers, including Lewis and Clark.
Frontiers of America: Mail Riders, Paul Revere to Pony Express
by Edith McCall: A book that focuses on the adventures and daring of mail riders throughout the history of the Unites States. The chapters include: Paul Revere, Cross-Country Carrier; Michigan Mail Boy; Butterfield's Overland Mail; Mules Against the Overland; Mark Twain Rides the Central Overland; The Pony Goes Through; Billy and the Blizzard; and Pony Bob on the Long Trail.
USS Constitution: Old Ironsides:
This book tells a brief history of the USS Constitution, and how and why it was built. Most of the book consists of beautiful color photographs of the ship itself.
The Cherokee Indians
by Nicole Claro (The Junior Library of American Indians): This book tells about the history of the Cherokee people, the Trail of Tears, and what their lives are like today. It contains many color photographs.
A New True Book: The Cherokee
by Emilie U. Lepthien: This is a shorter book that also tells about the Cherokee people of the past and present.
Edge of Two Worlds
by Weyman Jones (historical fiction): From the back of the book: "Calvin Harper, the only survivor of a Comanche massacre, while on his way East to law school, meets Sequoyah, a Cherokee Indian in search of the origins of his people. Although Calvin fears and mistrusts the old Indian, he joins him in his curious quest. He is intrigued by the mysteries of the Cherokee even though he realizes he must find his way back to the land of the white man for he, like Sequoyah, is living at the edge of two worlds."
Sequoyah: Leader of the Cherokees
by Alice Marriot (a Landmark book)
*A Gathering of Days: A New England Girl's Journal, 1830 32
by Joan W. Blos: Historical fiction set in New Hampshire in the early 1830s.
The Josephina books: American Girls series
If You Lived with the Sioux Indians by Ann McGovern
Moccasin Trail
by Eloise Jarvis McGraw (historical fiction): A book set in approximately 1844 about a boy who lived among Native Americans for several years, then returns and tries to readjust to life with his family.
Mr. Tucket
by Gary Paulsen: Historical fiction about the Oregon Trail.
Plains Indians
book & tape set: An educational coloring book with pictures and information about the Plains Indians. The audio tape contains additional information.
Southeast Indians
book & tape set: An educational coloring book with pictures and information about the Native Americans of the Southeast. The audio tape contains additional information about the tribes of the Southeast.
Make it Work! North American Indians: The Hands-On Approach to History:
by Andrew Haslam & Alexandra Parsons: A book of activities, information, and instructions on how to make costumes, teepees and other Native American homes, and games (how to make the things you need and how to play).
The Story of the Dream Catcher and Other Native American Crafts and Artwork
by Suzanne Lord: This book uses colorful photographs to illustrate the informative text. On the last few pages, it includes line drawing illustrations and instructions on how to make a Dream Catcher.
American Indian Treasure Chest:
This is a little treasure chest that contains a book about Native Americans, as well as materials for building miniature teepees, information about hand signs, and lots more.
Children of the Earth and Sky:
This book contains five short stories about five different Native American children, each from a different tribe.
Kids Discover Magazine: Native America:
This magazine includes articles, maps, illustrations, photographs, stories, and crafts.
Tree Wagon
by Evelyn Sibley Lampman: Historical fiction based on a true story about the Oregon Trail.
Children of the Wild West
by Russell Freedman: This is a book of actual photographs taken approximately during the 1840s - 1870s. The text is informative about that time period and what life was like for children traveling west, as well as Native Americans.
by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: This is a picture book of the poem, beautifully illustrated by Susan Jeffers.
Sarah, Plain and Tall
by Patricia MacLachlan (historical fiction): The story of a mail-order bride during pioneer times.
Alamo: Battle of Honor and Freedom by Linda R. Wade
The Story of the Lone Star Republic
by R. Conrad Stein (Cornerstones of Freedom): This book tells the true story of the Alamo and the struggle for Texas statehood.
By the Great Horn Spoon
by Sid Fleischman: Historical fiction about the California Gold Rush in 1949.
The Story of the California Gold Rush
by R. Conrad Stein (Cornerstones of Freedom): This is a short, but informative book about the California Gold Rush.
American Girls Books: The Kirsten Series, set in approximately 1854.
Faithful Friend: The Story of Florence Nightingale
by Beatrice Siegel: A biography of Florence Nightingale.
Working in the First Factories by Patrice Coupry
The Story of John Brown's Raid on Harper's Ferry
by Zachary Kent (Cornerstones of Freedom)
The Drinking Gourd: A Story of the Underground Railroad
by F. N. Monjo: This is a short story of a family traveling on the Underground Railroad.
American Girls Books: The Addy Series, set during the Civil War
*The Story of the Monitor and the Merrimac
by R. Conrad Stein (Cornerstones of Freedom): "The story of two ships that changed ship building forever and affected the course of the Civil War."
Harriet Tubman: Call to Freedom
by Judy Carlson: This is a biography of Harriet Tubman.
by Jean Fritz: The story of a young boy who discovers that his family is a part of the Underground Railroad.
Gentle Annie: The True Story of a Civil War Nurse
by Mary Francis Shura: This is a biography of Annie Etheridge, who enlisted in the Union Army during the Civil War.
Meet Robert E. Lee
by George Swift Trow: This is a short biography of Robert E. Lee, telling of his life before, during, and after the Civil War.
Richmond Battlefields
by Joseph P. Cullen: An informational booklet about different battles that were fought in Richmond during the Civil War.
Kids Discover Magazine: Lincoln:
This issue contains photographs, articles, and lots of information about Lincoln.
The Story of the Gettysburg Address
by Kenneth Richards (Cornerstones of Freedom)
The Gettysburg Address
(This text of this book is the Gettysburg Address, illustrated.)
*Pink and Say
by Patricia Polacco: A touching true story of two young boys who fought in the Civil War. (We've read this one several times. I recommend reading it before reading to young children. Even though it's a picture book, the story is rather sad and might be a bit much for some young ones.)
A Girl Called Boy
by Belinda Hurmence (historical fiction): This is the story of a modern day girl who travels back in time and finds out what slavery was really like.
Charlie Skedaddle
by Patricia Beatty (historical fiction): This is the story of a "tough" boy from New York City who enlists in the Union Army--and then runs away.
If You Lived at the Time of the Civil War
by Kay Moore: An illustrated book, describing in detail what life was like during the Civil War Time Period.
Across Five Aprils
by Hunt (historical fiction): "The powerful story of a young man for whom the Civil War spans five Aprils."
The Red Badge of Courage
by Stephen Crane (historical fiction): The story of a soldier on a Civil War battlefield. Bull Run
by Paul Fleischman (historical fiction): This book is told from the point of view of eight characters from the North and eight from the South, written as journal entries.
Down the River with Major Powell
by James Ransey Ullman: This is a book about the true story of John Wesley Powell's "dangerous pioneering journey through the magnificent and treacherous Grand Canyon of the Colorado" in 1869.
Old Yeller by Gibson
Wagon Wheels
by Barbara Brenner (historical fiction): From the back of the book: Wagon Wheels is based on a true story. In 1878, Ed Muldie and his family left Kentucky to go to Kansas. They had heard about the Homestead Act, which promised free land to anyone who was willing to settle in the West. The Muldies were among the thousands of black pioneers who left the South after the Civil War..."
The Great Fire
by Jim Murphy: This is a true account of the great Chicago Fire of 1871.
We Were There on the Oregon Trail by William O. Steele
*Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder
Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder
Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder
On the Banks of Plum Creek by Laura Ingalls Wilder
By the Shores of Silver Lake by Laura Ingalls Wilder
The Long Winter by Laura Ingalls Wilder
Little Town on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder
These Happy Golden Years by Laura Ingalls Wilder
The First Four Years by Laura Ingalls Wilder
Young Pioneers by Rose Wilder Lane (historical fiction)
Ann of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery
Caddie Woodlawn
by Bank: A story of a girl growing up in the frontier of Wisconsin in the late 1800s.
Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
by Mildred D. Taylor: The story of a black family in the South after the Civil War.
The Story of Helen Keller by Lorena A. Hickock
The Silent Storm
by Marion Marsh Brown and Ruth Crone: The story of Annie Sullivan, Helen Keller's teacher. Helen Keller's Teacher by Margaret Davidson
The Story of My Life
by Helen Keller (I will probably save this one until the children are older.)
Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls
Thomas A. Edison, Young Inventor
by Sue Guthridge (Childhood of Famous Americans): This is a biography focusing on the childhood of Thomas Edison, but also highlighting his accomplishments as an adult.
A.P. Giannini, Boy of San Francisco
by Marie Hammontree (Childhood of Famous Americans): From the book jacket: "In the year 1883 many fruit ranchers in California began to receive letters from San Francisco. Each letter was signed 'L. Scatena & Company, by A.P. Giannini." Each told about a reliable firm in San Francisco which paid fair prices for fruit and vegetable crops... But when ranchers took their produce to this firm they discovered that Mr. A.P. Giannini was just thirteen years old!" A.P. Giannini was the founder of the Bank of America.
The Great Wheel
by Robert Lawson: The building of the world's largest Ferris Wheel, set in 1893 in Chicago.
If Your Name was Changed at Ellis Island by Ellen Levine
Meet Theodore Roosevelt
by Ormonde De Kay, Jr.: This is a short biography of Theodore Roosevelt.
*Bully for You, Teddy Roosevelt
by Jean Fritz: This is a short biography of Theodore Roosevelt.
*The One Bad Thing About Father
by F. J. Monjo: A story of Theodore Roosevelt told from the point of view of one of his young sons.
The Panama Canal
by R. Conrad Stein (Cornerstones of Freedom): The story of how and why the Panama Canal was built.
Kids Discover Magazine: Panama Canal:
This issue contains articles and information about the building of the Panama Canal.
The Wright Brothers (CFA)
American Girls Books: the Samantha series, set in approximately 1904
by Iris Noble: Historical fiction about immigrants to Canada in the early 1900s.
Cheaper by the Dozen
by Frank B. Gilbreth, Jr. And Ernestine Gilbreth Carey: The true story of the Gilbreth family, set in the early 1900s.
Riverboat Family
by Elizabeth Wilton (historical fiction): This book is set in Victorian-era Australia.
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith
The Good Master
by Kate Seredy: Historical fiction set in Hungary pre-WWI.
The Singing Tree by Kate Seredy: Sequel to The Good Master, set during WWI.
The Story of Madame Curie by Alice Thorne
Yung Fu of the Upper Yangtze
by Elizabeth Foreman Lewis: Historical fiction set in China in the 1920s.
Where the Lilies Bloom by Vera and Bill Cleaver
Johnny May by Robbie Branscum
The Story of Flight
by Mary Lee Settle: This is a brief account of the history of flight.
Blue Willow
by Doris Gates: Historical fiction set in the depression era.
The Story of the Great Depression
by R. Conrad Stein (Cornerstones of Freedom) Nothing to Fear
by Koller: Historical fiction set in the Great Depression.
Trail Blazers of the Sky
by Frank Ross, Jr.: This is a more detailed account of the history of flight from 1903 - 1939.
The Story of the U.S. Air Force
by Robert D. Loomis (a Landmark Book): A history of flight, with a focus on the history of the U.S. Air Force.
*Hill of Fire
by Thomas P. Lewis: This is a story based on a true account of a volcano in Mexico in 1943.
Hindenburg: An Illustrated History by Rick Archbold:
This is an oversized, illustrated book that tells the story of dirigibles, especially the Hindenburg.
*The Disaster of the Hindenburg
by Shelley Tanaka (A Time Quest Book): An illustrated history of the Hindenburg disaster, including stories of the lives of some of the passengers.
*Exploring the Bismarck
by Robert D. Ballard (A Time Quest Book): This is an illustrated history of the Bismarck and how the wreck was discovered, but also the story of the battles the Bismarck fought in and stories of some of the men who fought on board her.
*Franklin Roosevelt (CFA)
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
by Russell Freedman: This is a biography of Franklin D. Roosevelt, with some good photographs.
*The Story of the U.S.S. Arizona
by R. Conrad Stein (Cornerstones of Freedom)
Eleanor Roosevelt: A Life of Discovery
by Russell Freedman: This is a biography of Eleanor Roosevelt, with some good photographs.
The Hiding Place
by Corrie Ten Boom: A true story of Christians helping Jews and others to hide during the Holocaust.
Prison Letters
by Corrie Ten Boom: Letters written from prison by Corrie Ten Boom.
The Children's War
by Theodore Taylor (historical fiction): This book is set in Alaska during World War II.
*The Cay
by Theodore Taylor (historical fiction): This book is set during World War II, but is the story of a boy and an old man who get shipwrecked on an island and their adventures.
A Place to Hide: True Stories of Holocaust Rescues
by Jayne Pettit: This is a Scholastic biography book about true stories that happened during the Holocaust. These are all hopeful stories.
*Journey to America
by Sonia Levitan (historical fiction): This is a fictional account of one family escaping from the Nazis.
Silver Days
by Sonia Levitan: Historical fiction, sequal to Journey to America.
Anne Frank: Beyond the Diary, A Photographic Remembrance:
This is a book of photographs of Anne Frank that tell more about her life before they went into hiding. It also contains excerpts from her diary and more information about those times.
The Crystal Nights
by Michele Murray (historical fiction): This is the story of an American girl during WWII, whose relatives come to stay with them to escape the Holocaust.
Snow Treasure
by Marie McSwigan (historical fiction): This is a story of Norwegian boys who smuggle gold out of Norway right under the noses of Nazi soldiers. (If we can find a copy of the movie, we will watch that too.)
*Twenty and Ten:
This is the true story of children who helped to hide Jewish children from the Nazis during WWII. (This book is great! It's fairly short. It's worth looking for.)
*When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit
(historical fiction): This is the story of a family fleeing Nazi Germany.
American Girls Books: The Molly Series, set during WWII
The House of Sixty Fathers
by Meindert Dejong (historical fiction): This book is set in China during WWII.
The Commandos of World War II by Hodding Carter (Landmark)
Great American Fighter Pilots of World War II
by Robert D. Loomis (a Landmark book): This book includes the stories of many different fighter pilots in World War II. It tells the stories of some of the battles they fought in and includes some photographs.
The Carrier War
by Clark G. Reynolds: This is about the Carrier War in the Pacific during WWII. It includes personal accounts, photographs, and illustrations.
The Bridges at Toko-ri
by James Michener (I'm not sure about this one...I read it years ago and remember almost nothing about it except that it had aircraft carriers in it. )
*World at War series of nonfiction books
*America at War series of nonfiction books
*The Story of D-Day
by R. Conrad Stein (Cornerstones of Freedom)
Cotton in My Sack
by Lois Lenski: This book is set in Arkansas, in approximately 1947.
In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson
by Bette Bao Lord: Historical fiction set in 1947, about a young Chinese girl who emigrates to the United States.

Castle on the Border
by Margot Benary-Isbert (historical fiction): This book is set in post-war Germany and is about a girl who was orphaned during the war.

 American History Smart Junior: Exploring America's Past by James L. Alouf: This book gives a brief overview of American History from the point of view of a group of children traveling in a time machine.

 The Timetables of History
by Bernard Brun: A large volume that includes a timeline of world history.

 The Buck Stops Here: The Presidents of the United States
by Alice Provensen: This is an informative picture book with information about every president of the United States.

 The Presidents: Their Lives, Families, and Great Decisions
as told by The Saturday Evening Post: This book contains short, but detailed biographical accounts of each president from George Washington to William Clinton.

 The Presidents' Rap from Washington to Clinton:
This is an audio tape and song book, which contains songs about all of the presidents, most of which are written in the musical style of the time period. All of the songs contain information about important events that happened during that president's term.

 The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of the United States of America:
This is a booklet that contains the complete text of both of these documents.

 About the Constitution of the United States of America:
An informational booklet with the text of the Constitution, along with illustrations and explanations.

 Hail to the Chief
(Aristoplay): This is a game about electing a president. It has information on all of the presidents, and as the children play, they get an idea of how the election process works.

 Naval Battles and Heroes
(American Heritage Junior Library): This book focuses on the history of the U.S. Navy. The chapters include: The First American Navy, From Yorktown to the Undeclared War with France, The Barbary Pirates, The Naval War of 1812, Join the navy and See the World, Heroes of the Blue and Gray, "Remember the Maine!", U-Boats and Submarine Chasers, and Smashing the Axis Powers.

 Meet the Men Who Sailed the Seas
by John Dyment (Step Up book): The chapters of this book include: The First Sailors, Hanno of Carthage, The Battle of Salamis, Pytheas, The Vikings, The Viking Find America, Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus, Across the Atlantic, Ferdinand Magellan, Around the World, Francis Drake, The Spanish Armada, The Mayflower, Captain Cook, John Paul Jones, The Constitution, The Last of the Sailing Ships, and Joshua Slocum.

 The Story of Fighting Ships
by Ernest E. Tucker: Forward: The Value of the Sea, Task Force: 1800 B.C., The Beloved of Athene, Hounds at Sea: The Liburnians at Actium, 31 B.C.; Wolves of the North; The Long Ships are Coming! A.D. 877; In Knighthood's Flower: Warships of the Middle Ages; Chained to an Oar: A.D. 1550; "Crakys of Warre;" The Clutter-Pated Niddle: 1588; The Spanish Main; The Happy Life: 1716; The Golden Age of Sailing Ships: 1500 - 1850; The Press Gang: 1803; Steam, Steel, and Shells; Cleopatra's Golden Barge: 1917; The Flattops; and The Ring of Steel: 1945. This book is written on a children's level with each chapter being a story in and of itself.

 Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson

 *Maritime Disasters by William P. Quinn
*Shipwrecks Around Cape Cod by William P. Quinn
Shipwrecks Around Maine by William P. Quinn
Shipwrecks Around New England by William P. Quinn

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